Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bamboo stitch beanie

A few weeks ago I started experimenting with the knitted bamboo stitch.  I really liked the look and decided I wanted to translate its beauty into Tunisian crochet.  Once I got it down, I made a hat in the round using the stitch and two complimentary colors.  I really, really like it!  So, I want to share it with you!

Bamboo Stitch Beanie

Patons Silk Bamboo (DK weight, 70% Bamboo
30% Silk, 102 yds/2.3 oz per skein) – 1 skein Sea (MC), 1 skein Sapphire (CC)
US J (6.00mm) double-ended hook
Tapestry needle

Gauge: not especially important, and will be determined by yarn and hook choice.

tfs = Tunisian full stitch (insert hook in space between vertical bars and draw up loop)
y/o = yarn over (increase made)
sl st = slip stitch
ch = chain

Special Stitch:
Bamboo stitch = y/o, tfs in each of next 2 spaces, pull last two loops on hook back through y/o, at the same time.  For a video tutorial on Bamboo stitch, click here.

  • Any yarn/hook combination can be used with this pattern.
  • All return rows are as normal: ch 1 for first stitch, y/o and pull through 2 loops for all subsequent stitches
  • All stitches are created knitwise, meaning the hook is inserted from front to back, through the fabric.
  • This pattern can be made in 2 colors, as shown, or using one color throughout.
  • Pictured hat is made extra long for slouchy look, but can also be worn with a fold-up brim. Note that the bamboo stitch is not very stretchy. It is recommended that a test swatch be done in desired yarn.

Ch 75 (or any odd number of stitches, enough to loosely fit around your head). Join with a sl st to first ch. Do not twist chain.
Row 1: Pull up loop in the back hump of each ch around.
Row 2: Work bamboo stitch pattern

Repeat Row 2 until desired length is reached. Hat pictured is 9” tall.


Pull the last CC stitch through final forward pass stitch. Cut both yarns, leaving about a 10” tail of CC. Thread CC through tapestry needle, weave in and out of the topmost stitches, pull tight to gather the top of the hat, and secure the yarn. Weave in ends.

Special thanks to Chaitanya Muralidhara for her technical editing expertise!


  1. Oh that is SOOOO cool. I love the stitch and the two colors are brilliant together. Awesome, as always.

  2. I was searching for another tunisian beanie pattern and finally found yours. Thank you. I will definitely be doing this one during my vacation.

    1. Did you give it a try? I would love to see or hear how it turned out. :)

  3. Hello,

    I love this pattern, and your videos are very helpful (I'm pretty new to Tunisian crochet). I have a question though: when are you switching colors in this pattern? I really like the two-tone effect, but I'm not sure when to use which yarn. Do you simply work alternating rows with each color?

    1. Great question! The forward pass is being done in one color, and the return row in another. So, in essence, I am working both colors at the same time.

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  4. Would It Work To Use A Straight Double Ended Needle RatherThan The Ones That Are Connected? Then Just Seam It Up On The Side And Top?

  5. Love the fabric and will be trying this pattern soon, thanks! I haven't used a double ended hook, either. I found a tutorial on You tube.

  6. How are you tuinsian stitching in the round?

  7. Just done easiest Tunisian hat pattern to follow thanks