Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kokopelli Stole

Well, after much deliberation, I finally decided to enter two items into the CGOA Chainlink Conference design competition.  Now, if you see this year's winners, and take some time to check out last year's winners, you will know that the designs are out of this world.  I never expected to win, or even place for that matter, but I was so proud to even enter.  Maybe next year I will win something!  Of course, that means I would need to start designing right now to stand a chance.  LOL!  There are some AMAZINGLY talented designers out there!

And here is one of my entries!  My Kokopelli stole, all Tunisian lace with a bit of beaded trim bling.  


  1. Your stole is just beautiful! Great color and fabulous bling

  2. Wonderful, nice color!!!
    Greet Crissi

  3. I am impressed! And a bit intimidated! Beautiful just perfect! Hope you win!!!