Wednesday, July 8, 2009

has it been a week already?

Whew...what a day. Kids are all in bed now, and I get some peace and quiet! My daughter's demeanor continues to improve, thank goodness, so life is getting better! I got her little ears pierced the other day...she looks so cute!

I've been crocheting like a mad woman. Any spare moment I get, I've been making baby hats, or bibs, or what-have-you. My Princess is really my inspiration. I am looking forward to putting all the items I've made on Etsy soon.

I'm also going to have another free pattern soon! Yay! Just working out the kinks (in other words, I am not a good pattern writer and have to double check my work!)...

Here's a pic of my little girl...isn't she a cutie?! That's one of the hats I made, btw...and look at her little bling in her ears!

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