Monday, February 1, 2010

Not the genius I thought I was...

So I'm not as clever or original as I thought. :( Turns out, someone already came up with a stitch almost identical to my trailer stitch. I shoulda known; it was too good to be true. My stitch is still the slightest bit different, and I adapted it to sc, hdc and dc stitches. But I think it only right to let y'all know someone got the same concept looooong before me. Sigh...


  1. That's o.k, I first saw it here and love it! I have blogged you before looking for the scarf pattern that matches the childs knit-look ribbed hat can you help me out? thanks , michelle

  2. Hey there Michelle! So I figured out a pattern for ya!

    Chain any number (I tried both odd and even and it didn't seem to affect the outcome), dc into 4th ch from hook, and across. Have the scarf measure about 3.5" - 4" across.

    Ch 3, turn, *fpdc around next dc, bpdc around next dc*. Repeat from * to end. You will either fpdc or bpdc around initial ch 3.

    Ch 3, turn, from here on, fpdc around every fpdc, and bpdc around every bpdc. Continue for as long as you want the scarf to be (about 35" would probably be good, depending on the child)

    Hope this makes sense!! Show me a pic if you make one! :)

  3. You're still a genius - and generous to boot - It just shows great minds think alike ;-)

    Keep right on creating.