Friday, May 14, 2010

Ribbed Brim Tunisian Hat

Front and top views of two colorways of my latest creation...

I can't stop myself with this Tunisian thing...I just love it. I only have a few days before Moving Day, but who cares? I am lovin' my crochet. Anyway, here is another hat pattern. Reminder: I am no pro at writing patterns, so don't shoot me if there's something wrong! LOL!

OK - here goes...

Materials: two colors ww yarn, double-ended J (6.00mm) hook, tapestry needle

Chain 60 (small hat), 66 (medium hat) or 72 (large hat)

Pick up stitches around with primary color as in Tss. Keep turning hook back and forth as Tunisian in the round.

Turn hook and bind off as normal with secondary color.

Continue around for about 14 rows. Then, with all decreases happening on the forward pass, tss next 4 stitches, tss2tog next two stitches. See pic.

Continue for one round. Next round, tss next 3 stitches, tss2tog next two stitches. If it works out correctly, you should be tss2tog the stitch before and the decrease stitch from the previous round. See the picture since I am sure that made no sense whatsoever. The silver hook is pointing to the example. Sorry I used dark colors. LOL

Continue in the decrease pattern until only one or 2 stitches remain. Fasten off by pulling both colors through the last loop on hook. At this point, a small bit of the hat may be sticking up a little funny from the top. No biggie. Just tuck the loose ends back through the hat and weave in the ends nicely.

Now, join either color yarn to the original chain with a sl st. At this point, you can switch to a regular J hook, if you want. Chain 3 (counts as bpdc from here out), and dc in each ch around. 66 dc. Sl st to beginning ch 3.

Ch 3, fpdc next stitch, bpdc next stitch, and so on. You are creating the ribbing. Continue this around, sl st to first ch 3. Continue for 2 or three more rounds (depending on how long you want the hat) and then finish off.

Weave in ends neatly BECAUSE...this hat is also reversible! Tunisian "wrong side" is just as interesting as "right side" in my opinion. Just check out the reverse of these!

Well, I hope you enjoy this pattern! Please don't sell this pattern! Have fun!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

More Tunisian projects and a free pattern!

Well, my obsession with Tunisian crochet continues, despite the fact that I am still supposed to be packing. LOL

Anyway, just wanted to share my recent creations. This honeycomb hat was made Tunisian in the round, and I really like how it turned out. I created the pattern myself! I also made a junior version which my daughter, begrudgingly, modeled for me. Look at the bottom of this post for the pattern.

I also made these two bags. The blue one is that same honeycomb pattern, but the red one is all knit stitch in the round. You can't see it, but there is purple behind the red. I used the new Country Loom by Loops N Threads from Michaels. I absolutely LOVE it! I will be using it again, for sure.

Honeycomb Hat

Materials needed:

Double-ended crochet hook, size 6.5mm
Worsted weight yarn, two colors (MC - main color, CC - contrast color)
Tapestry needle

Stitch explanation:
Tss - tunisian simple stitch. I think this is also called a basic stitch.
Tps - tunisian purl stitch. This is also called a reverse stitch.
Tunisian crochet in the round. This video takes a while to get the point, but it's worth viewing.

Now, on to the pattern...
With MC, chain 61, being careful not to twist the chain, sl st the chain together to form a ring (ETA - I just tried a hat starting with ch 61 using a thinner ww yarn and it was a bit too tight. Depending on the yarn, you may want to go with ch 66 or 71.)
Pull up loops as basic forward pass, all around the ring, with CC chasing (or binding off) behind.

Once foundation row is done, tss in the next stitch and tps next stitch. Continue in this manner with CC chasing until the hat reaches about 5 - 5.25" long. If all is well, you should be tss in a tps stitch from the round previous, and tps in a tss stitch.

Now comes the decrease part, and here is where a stitch marker may come in handy. *Tss next stitch, tps next stitch, tss next stitch, tps next stitch, then tss next 2 stitches together. Tps next stitch, tss next stitch, tps next stitch, tss next stitch, then tps next 2 stitches together* *Repeat to end of round.

Next decrease round: *Tss next stitch, tps next stitch, tss next stitch, tps next 2 stitches together.* *Repeat to end of round. Now, in case you missed a stitch, or had too many stitches, don't worry! Just start off this round with tps and keep on going. Honestly, no one will know. LOL!

Next decrease round: *Tss next stitch, tps next stitch, tss next 2 stitches together. Tps next stitch, tss next stitch, tps next 2 stitches together.* *Repeat to end of round.

Next decrease round: *Tss next stitch, tps next 2 stitches together.* *Repeat to end of round.

Next decrease round: *Tss next 2 stitches together. Tps next 2 stitches together* *Repeat until there is just one stitch left (or two, depending on how the rest of the pattern went for ya!). Fasten off the yarn by pulling both colors through the MC loop on hook. Pull the ends back down through the hat (so they are on the inside) and use your tapestry needle to clean it up. Also, clean up the ends from the beginning of the hat.

Voila! You are done! And best of all, the hat is reversible. The back side of Tunisian work is just as visually interesting as the front.

A little disclaimer (if you even made it this far) - I have just learned Tunisian, and actually never read or wrote a Tunisian pattern. I cannot guarantee that this pattern will be free of errors. But, give it a try and tell me what you think. I think it will make a great gift and I think you will be able to sell these at your local fairs, etc.!

Oh, and for the junior version, chain 53, and follow the rest of the gist of the pattern. :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Tunisian projects

Well, moving mode is in full-swing. However, I just can't stop my new obsession with Tunisian crochet. I just taught myself a couple of weeks ago, and already I've made hats, a beaded knit-stitch pillow for Mother's Day, and a complete outfit for my daughter (using Tunisian short rows, no less!). I don't have time to post much else as I should really be packing right now. 2 weeks to moving day! But, I wanted to at least post some pics of my recent accomplishments.
This red and yellow hat was made by Crochet on the Double (2 ended hook). This is not exactly Tunisian, but it's new to me, super cool and REVERSIBLE! Awesome. :)
This was made with 3 color Tunisian in blue, white and purple. A bit troublesome keeping the yarn from getting tangled, but worth it. One of the best things about Tunisian crochet is that the "wrong" side of the fabric is just as visually interesting as the "right" side.

Here is my precious princess modeling my first foray into Tunisian short rows. The skirt is my favorite! The shirt is cute too, but I made the straps a bit too long.

And here is my beaded pillow. I used Homespun yarn in the Tunisian knit stitch. Normally, I hate Homespun yarn because I find it difficult to crochet with. But in Tunisian it was a piece of cake. Good to know because I have a considerable stash of Homespun and wasn't sure what to do with it. :P This pillow is for my Mom! Oh, and you really can't tell the difference between a knitted swatch and a Tunisian knitted swatch. So cool! I've been wanting to learn to knit, and now I don't have to. :)